As a leading provider of various high-quality maximum security and safety surveillance systems via mobile network, our 4G router system requires the best and most reliable network coverage possible. A new colleague, coming from the marine industry, highly recommended the 4GMultiband antenna from AC Antennas.

For comparison, we rigged up a test connecting various antennas to our router system.

The AC Antennas 4GMultiband antenna came out with a much better coverage and lower loss than the similar antennas on the market.

Our success on the security and surveillance market is based on reliable and high-quality products from our suppliers. AC Antennas is one of our valued suppliers. As a benefit, the cooperation with AC Antennas runs easy and smoothly.

Sido Kiestra, Production Planner, Kooi Netherlands

Land Based Solutions

Throughout Europe plus South Africa Kooi has a strong leading position on the mobile surveillance and temporary camera surveillance markets.

More than 1500 systems are presently installed for coverage of construction sites, infrastructure hot spots, recycling sectors, wind energy farms, solar parks, business parks, etc.

Founded in 2010, Kooi has grown rapidly to over 130 employees with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

Kooi continues to expand worldwide and to improve its leveraging and innovative technology for camera surveillance systems and heat detection

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