We have co-operated with AC Antennas for many years. In my opinion they manufacture some of the best antennas in the world. 

Since a communication solution is not better than the weakest link in the full system it is vital to have the best antennas when using the best radios. 

The antennas are always delivered within 24 hours. The service is very quick and professional which is very important to us, since we offer worldwide service for our customers.

Claus B. Frederiksen, Managing Director, Furuno Deutchland 

Maritime Radio Manufacturer

Since being founded in 1938, FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to focus on development, sales and maintenance of high-quality marine electronic equipment. The FURUNO group incorporates an international workforce of approximately 2,000 employees, who are all prepared to fulfil the needs and expectations of the customers.


Since 2005 FURUNO DEUTSCHLAND GmbH supports the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, with more than 40 employees serving customers every day in the area of recreational boats, work boats, fishing vessels as well as the merchant marine market. 

FURUNO DEUTSCHLAND offers you the equipment quality and reliability needed for you to focus on your business.


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