One of our recent major projects included the air band CX4-9 antenna from the company AC Antennas. We chose this antenna for the project carefully, knowing the electrical antenna features would benefit the complete system performance. For the installation crew the implementation was easy: just mount and connect. 

Our market calls for enduring heavy-duty products, subsequently, superior product quality is a key stone to our success. AC Antennas is a natural choice when it comes to the selection of an antenna supplier matching these challenging demands.

The antennas are endorsed for -55°C to +70°C operation, and they are produced with a state-of-the-art crimp assembly. The mechanical antenna force is at the next generation level. At the same time, the electrical performance is uncompromisingly high. Said in short, we highly recommend the cooperation with AC Antennas. Everything runs smoothly and they always provide us with professionalism.

Philip Fischeles, CEO, P. Fischeles Ltd

Land Based Solutions

Founded in 1933, P FISCHELES Ltd, has grown over the years to become one of the strongest and most reliable marine electronics and two way radios suppliers, installers and service providers along with a shore-based installation and maintenance, in Israel.

In cooperation with the end-users, P. Fischeles engineers and technicians ensure the definition of the right products and field tests for each individual project before the systems are installed. The installations are planned in detail, ensuring a successful outcome.

The competent P. FISCHELES covers the full range of advanced Land and Air communication as well as navigation and marine communication including GMDSS and AIS, Radars and satellite RF technologies.

Among others, the services are offered to the commercial boat market, the fishing fleet, security companies and governmental segments.


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