Opportunities ahead


The history of AC Antennas can be traced back to 1970 when the former HMP Antennefabrik A/S entered the maritime market. However, many things have changed since then, especially since 2010 where a generational handover takes place, and the current owners acquires the company, which was then known as AC Marine.

Since 1970 the philosophy of the company has been: running the business means optimizing the business. 

Even today, more than 40 years since the start of the company, constant development and product improvement are on the daily agenda at AC Antennas, which has already led to the launch of several new and improved products along with a brand new company name, stating that the company no longer just provides antennas for the marine market. AC Antennas offers antennas in the highest quality for both the marine-, land-based and other markets, and the mission of the company is to be the market leader of the antenna industry.

Furthermore, in order to avoid having to rely on others to keep living up to the high quality standards that are so characteristic for the company, AC Antennas are no longer using sub-suppliers and manufacturing partners. Today all antennas are being manufactured by AC Antennas, which just underlines exactly how AC Antennas is constantly optimizing the business while running it.

AC Antennas will:

  • Constantly develop our products in order to have the best antenna products on the market for marine, land based and other solutions.
  • Distribute all of our products through highly skilled and competent partners worldwide.
  • Ship our products within 24 hours ARO (After Receiving the Order).
  • Always be honest and loyal to all of our partners and customers.
  • Always provide a good, professional and fast service.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to a world of antennas.