Change of company name from AC Marine to AC Antennas

Redrawing the map – from AC Marine to AC Antennas 

Since we are no longer just providing antennas for the marine market, we have chosen to change our name to AC Antennas. With this name change, we also state that our antennas can now be used for other segments besides the marine, such as the land-based and portable. 

Our antennas are designed and manufactured to provide exceptional performance, to withstand punishment from the rigorous marine environments and to be used in salty environment. They are resistant to ship vibrations and extreme wind loads, which makes them some of the strongest and most robust antennas in the world. 




Whenever an antenna can withstand the punishment from this harsh an environment, it is functional everywhere.  And this is exactly why it is possible for us to use our antennas on these other segments. 

We take pride in constantly development in close cooperation with our existing partners and customers, and we are always open for new opportunities. Our entry to the land-based and portable market is just the beginning of our new AC Antennas-identity – there are loads of other potential segments, which we would be pleased to enter in order to serve the needs of our customers and partners on all segments.

Therefore, you are more than welcome to contact us if you wish to hear more about your opportunities for using our antennas on other segments.