Russian Approval, 2016 – 2021.

FAT (Factory Approval Tests).
Issued by RMRS.

Once again, the Russian Marine Register of Shipping (RMRS) endorses our antennas for a five-year period, thus our redesigned and improved VHF, HF and positioning antennas are qualified for the Russian market. The qualification includes various mechanical tests and EMC tests thus including IEC 60945 tests and RMRS “Rules for Technical Supervision during Construction of Ship and Manufacture of Materials and Products for Ships”. The latter makes the basis for the tests since RMRS endorses the antennas for Russia.


25 tests carried out by independent test companies.

The antennas passed tests for the harsh marine environment including such tests as temperature tests, salt mist test but also electromagnetic compatibility tests. Uncompromisingly, the antennas worked within the specifications stated despite of the tough tests. Independent notified bodies have carried out the various tests.

The mechanical tests includes climatic temperature variations simulating both operational and storage temperatures that the antennas face including humidity and hoar frost. Furthermore, the antenna exposure to strong 3D vibrations tests the antenna resistance towards mechanical fatigue such as cracks or even a severe breakdown. The antennas are also tested for the dust and water ingress protection IP56, this test is carried out where the antennas are installed under the same conditions as if they were onboard a ship, i.e. same vertical positioning, cable or wire attached, etc. The antennas are subject to dust and water ingress control after exposure to water jets and dust. The antennas are subject to examination of the harsh effects of the salty environment surrounding the antennas.


The electrical tests include the compass safe distance, radiating emission, EMC and conducted interferences along with surge voltage and electrostatic discharge. The compass safe distance is determined thus the antennas will not disturb the accuracy of the compass onboard whilst installed outside the determined safety zone. The antennas are subject to verification that they do not disturb the radio equipment onboard nor influenced by inference signals from transmitting units. The tolerance of the antennas towards transients, surge voltage and electrostatic discharges is also tested.


Certificates - Russian Approval 2016 – 2021.
Issued by RMRS.




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