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Quality is our business

Since 1970, AC Antennas has been known for our relentless commitment in utilizing our more than 50 years of experience towards one pure goal: providing the best antennas in the world.

As a consequence quality has become core in our business. Quality is our business.

Within the last decade, AC Antennas has rebuilt and improved the wide range of antenna product portfolio, mainly replacing soldering with crimping technology, introduced new an automated gluing procedures for better IP-grade and upgrading the materials used for the antennas. Firstly, the crimping technology ensures a high level of unity in the manufacturing of the antennas. Secondly, this technology ensures a superior mechanical antenna strength. Thirdly, the crimping also includes a wider temperature range. Please see more detailed about our crimping technology below. Along with the new and  automated gluing procedures, improved antenna materials, the antennas can handle operation down in zones with temperature down to -55°C 

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Crimping - 4-5 times stronger antennas

Being a leader within the field of antenna development and manufacturing, AC Antennas redesigned all antennas in the product portfolio and, at the beginning of 2015, the state-of-the-art crimp technology was introduced into the passive antenna manufacturing processes for mass production. Since then, hundreds of thousands of superior quality antennas are produced via our fine tolerance crimping machines.

What is actually happening when two parts are crimped together? Why is crimping an advantage? Why is the crimped antennas 4-5 times stronger? Read here about the crimping process and the advantages with our crimped antennas compared to the traditional soldered antennas >

Meeting International Standards, IEC 60945 etc.

The VHF, HF and Positioning antennas have undergone tests with reference to the international marine standard IEC 60945 & the Russian Marine Register of Shipping (RMRS) standards in order to prove the outstanding durability of the antennas. The various mechanical tests and EMC tests are according to IEC 60945 “Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and system – General requirements – Methods of testing and required test results” and the RMRS “Rules for Technical Supervision during Construction of Ship and Manufacture of Materials and Products for Ships” standards. The latter makes the basis for the tests since Russian Marine Register of Shipping (RMRS) endorses the antennas for the Russian market.

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Quality in our Production. Our Manufacturing Intelligence.

Our products are designed and manufactured to provide exceptional performance and to withstand punishment from the rigorous marine environment. We use latest generation of technology and processes to continue pushing technical performance for the betterment of our products.

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