Build quality

This is not an anteanna. It is 20 parts thoroughly put together.

This is not just a regular CX4 antenna, it is 20 individual parts thoroughly put together and assembled to one fully functional antenna.

Furthermore, this CX4 antenna is OUR antenna - it is manufactured in our own factory, and it is thanks to our hardworking and competent engineers that this antenna is so much stronger than the regular CX4.

Before the enhancements OUR CX4-antennas were among the strongest on the market. With the new enhanced CX4 antennas we probably have the strongest VHF antennas in the world. The improvements have resulted in an approval of the antennas for – 55 Degrees Celsius.

The improvements are:

  1. Stronger glass fiber.
    The glass fiber radomes on the antennas are much stronger than our old models.

  2. More than 4 times stronger build-up inside the antennas.
    Today we are using modern assembly techniques such as crimping instead of soldering the radiating elements of the antennas. As a result the antennas are more than 4 times stronger on the inside, making them extremely vibration resistant over the full temperature range.
  3. Stronger paint on the glass fiber.
    The painting of the glass fiber is much better than on the old antennas.


  1. Stronger chrome layer.
    The chrome processes are carried out in Germany by one of the best chrome companies in the world. Our need for very high protection towards corrosion is ensured by having our own special Chrome bath process at our supplier – developed for and only used by AC Antennas.

  2. Stronger parts inside the antenna.
    Many of the parts inside the antenna are stronger today. Every single component has been optimized and been through a professional quality check.

The CX4 product family is CE-approved and comply with the RoHS (2011/65/EF) and the REACH Directive (1907/2006).

We are very proud of presenting this improved antenna portfolio containing some of the strongest antennas in the world, which only brings us one step closer towards our one pure goal: To provide the best antennas in the world. Remember that you can always go to our product sheets to read more about the antennas and the materials used.

If you want to know more about the -55 Degrees Celsius Approval Test you can find “The Delta test report" here