N095F, N115F
New HF mounts in SS316 for our KUM antennas. EOL for our HF mounts in galvanized steel.


All the existing clamp mounts in galvanized steel for our famous KUM-antennas will be discontinued (EOL = End Of Life).

Two mounts in stainless steel (SS316) are introduced in the beginning of 2017. They are replacing our existing mounts in galvanized steel.

In the below table you can see the migration plan:


The two new mast mounts N095F and N115F is available at our stock ready for immediate shipment.

N095F: HF mast mount for KUM48X, KUM6XX and KUM7XX, Ø30-100mm, SS316.
N115F: HF mast mount for KUM8XX and KUM9XX, Ø50-70mm, SS316.

Please welcome our new mounts (N095F and N115F) for our HF antennas.

We are migrating from galvanized steel to SS316 for our HF mounts due to:

  • SS316 is better towards corrosion.
  • SS316 is more environmental friendly.
  • Galvanization: process offers uneven quality. Control is difficult.
  • Galvanization is getting more and more expensive.

Migrating from galvanized steel to SS316 for our HF mounts is just one more step towards our goal: providing the best antenna products in the world.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at acantennas@acantennas.com or sales@acantennas.com.

Please find the product sheets for N095F and N115F here: