Deck Mount Compatible – foot print compatible with other major manufacturers.

The new DMC models for our KUM antennas (KUMXXXDMC), Deck Mount Compatible, are deck mounts compatible with other HF antenna footprints. This means that the holes on the deck mount are positioned making retrofitting with our DMC models easier. Please contact us via acantennas@acantennas.com for information regarding the compability of the antennas.

The DMC models are made in painted stainless steel, exactly like our existing and popular deck mount models (KUMXXXDM).

The new DMC models are available for our 8 and 9 meters KUM-antennas, both 2 and 3 section versions, eg. KUM803DMC etc. 

You can see the Product sheet for the new KUMXXXDMC here.

Please welcome our new KUMXXXDMC antennas.

Explore all our KUMXXXDMC antennas here.

If you have any questions regarding our new DMC KUM products  or any of our existing products, please do not hesitate to contact us: acantennas@acantennas.com or sales@acantennas.com.