N172F, N173F
Two new stainless steel mast mounts with alignment beads for optimized installations.

We are introducing two new mast mounts, both in the same product family as our popular N171F

The two new mast mounts are enhanced by having a beads on the mount optimizing the mount for alignment of the installation on both vertical and horizontal pipes.

The mount N172F is for Ø38-61mm, while the N173F is for Ø49-90mm installations .

Both mounts (N172F and N173F) are delivered with U-bolt sets and one nut and washer for 1” 14TPI thread, all manufactured in stainless steel (SS316).  

Both mounts (N172F and N173F) are approved to salt mist test according to IEC 60 945 (IEC 60 068-2-52).

N173F is available at our stock 15th September, while N172F will be available later this year.  

Below you can see the products sheets for N172F and N173F.

Please welcome our two new stainless steel mast mounts.

If you have any questions regarding our two new mounts N172F and N173F or any of our existing products, please do not hesitate to contact us: acantennas@acantennas.com or sales@acantennas.com.