OUR new enhanced HF/SSB antennas now available

OUR new improved KUM-antennas – approved for –55 degrees Celsius - are now available. The enhanced KUM antennas are offered at the same price as OUR previous KUM antennas.

In our world quality is the key to a successful business. Therefore, we have our main focus centered on the quality of our products, and we continuously strive towards improvements whenever it is possible. This has already led to the launch of our new and improved CX4 family and now we are very proud to introduce our new and improved HF/SSB antenna family as well.

The enhanced KUM-antennas are released as follows:

KUM600Available today
KUM480Ultimo February
KUM803Medio March
All others KUM modelsDuring Q2 and Q3 2015

Before the enhancements OUR KUM-antennas were among the strongest on the market. With the new enhanced KUM antennas we probably have the strongest HF/SSB series. The improvements are:

  1. Stronger glass fiber.
    The glass fiber radomes on the antennas are much stronger than our old models. Today our cylindrical glass fiber radomes have a guaranteed strength of minimum 900MPa.

  2. More than 4 times stronger build-up inside the antennas.
    Today we are using modern assembly techniques such as crimping instead of soldering the radiating elements of the antennas. As a result of this, the antennas are more than 4 times stronger on the inside, making it extremely vibration resistant over the full temperature range.

  3. Stronger paint on the glass fiber.
    The painting of the glass fiber is done in one of the world’s most advanced painting factories, where dosage, drying process etc. are under the best controlled conditions. This ensures an outstanding adhesive effect of paint onto the glass fiber.




  1. Stronger Chrome Brass assemblies.
    Our Chrome Brass parts are stronger than our old models, and they have a more aerodynamic design giving less win load surface to the antennas. 

  2. Other enhancements:

    • Stronger chrome layer.
      The chrome processes are carried out in Germany by one of the best chrome companies in the world. Our need for very high protection towards corrosion is ensured by having our own special chrome bath process at our supplier – developed for and only used by AC Antennas.

    • Set screws for all assemblies.
      The new models offer set screw sets for all chrome brass assemblies (except for KUM603 and KUM703) securing the fixation of the antenna parts.  

    • Improved assemblies ensure easy and correct installation.
      The new models are developed with a socket width assembly to secure installation with the correct torque. All models are of course still supplied with a detailed Installation Guide.

    • Fewer spare parts.
      All the KUM-antennas (KUM4XX – KUM9XX) are manufactured using fewer different parts (top-, middle- and bottom sections), which results in fewer spare parts.

    • New enhanced connection box will be available beginning of Q2 2015.
      A new and improved connection box will be introduced during Q2 2015 for all our KUM antennas. The box will be stronger and have a much easier connection feature.

Additionally, all of these improvements have led to the antennas being approved for -55 degrees Celsius by the external test laboratory, Delta.