Enhanced active receiving HF-antenna available 

We are introducing the KUM041.


The KUM041 is compact active receiving HF-antenna for the 0.15 – 30 MHz range replacing our BB1 antenna. The KUM041 is enhanced in many ways compared to the BB1.

  1. Strong glass fiber radome.
    The fiberglass radome on the antenna is extremely strong. The tensile strength is significantly stronger than the polyethylene housing of the BB1 thus enhancing the mechanical antenna performance.

  2. Stronger lacquer on the glass fiber.
    The KUM041 is equipped with fiberglass radome. Firstly, the fiberglass radome is applied a strong primer and is then drying up in an assigned drying chamber. Then the radome is coated by a superior paint ensuring a perfectly smooth surface and a glossy shine of the antenna prior to the final drying process. The controlled primer and paint processes ensure the highest possible paint result possible.

  3. Stronger chrome layer.
    One of the best chromatization processes companies in the world carries out the chrome processes of our solid brass bases. Our requirement for superior protection against corrosion is ensured by having our own individual chrome bath and processes at our supplier – developed for and only used by AC Antennas.



  1. Stronger parts inside the antenna.
    The design and optimization of all internal components of the antenna ensures the best possible electrical performance.

  2. Grounded via the mounting base.
    The KUM041 is grounded through the chrome brass base of the antenna omitting the need for an AC grounding cable. Therefore, installation is easily and quickly performed.

  3. Diode protected amplifier.
    A diode guards the active part of the KUM041 at both the RF and the DC entrances from current running in the wrong direction. This ensures a long-lasting amplification performance of the antenna.

  4. Optimized components
    All components and the build up of the antenna are optimized significantly.

The KUM041 is only 36 cm long giving a minimum of visual impact. The excellent integrated amplifier makes the antenna highly sensitive towards HF signals including positioning data for your NAVTEX or DGPS system. It has an outstanding IP3 value of minimum +38 dBm @ 10 MHz.

KUM041 is available at the same price level as BB1. The product sheet for the antenna is available here: KUM041 Product Sheet (PDF)

The KUM041 antenna can be used in the harsh marine environment but it is also perfect for land based and other solutions.

If you want to learn more about our KUM041 please contact us at sales@acantennas.com.