Enhanced UHF antennas available at same price 

Our popular UHF-antenna product family, the CXU antennas are now available in an enhanced version at no extra cost.

Like most of our other products we have improved our CXU antennas significantly. The improvements are:

  1. Stronger glass fiber radomes.
    The fiberglass radomes on the antennas are much stronger than the one on our previous models. The tensile strength is more than 50% stronger thus enhancing the mechanical antenna performance.

  2. Stronger paint on the glass fiber.
    The painting of the fiberglass is improved. Firstly, the fiberglass radomes are applied a strong primer and is then drying up in an assigned drying chamber. Then the radomes are coated by a superior paint ensuring a perfectly smooth surface and a glossy shine of the antenna prior to the final drying process. The controlled primer and paint processes ensure the highest possible paint result.

  3. Stronger chrome layer.
    One of the best chromatization processing companies in the world carries out the chrome processes of our solid brass bases. Our requirement for superior protection against corrosion is ensured by having our own individual chrome bath and processes at our supplier – developed for and only used by AC Antennas.



  1. Stronger parts inside the antenna.
    The redesign and optimization of all internal components of the antenna ensures the best possible electrical performance.

The above-enlisted improvements secures a heavy-duty antenna ready for operation in harsh environments.

The CXU product family is CE-approved and complies with the RoHS (2011/65/EF) and the REACH (1907/2006) directives.

If you want to learn more about the enhancements please contact sales@acantennas.com.

The CXU antennas are available in the following versions:

We are very proud of presenting this improved antenna portfolio containing some of the strongest UHF antennas in the world, which only brings us one step closer towards our one pure goal: To provide the best antennas in the world.

The UHF antennas can be used in the harsh marine environment but they are also perfect for land based and other solutions.