Two new heavy duty four-way ratchet mounts

Our very popular four-way ratchet mount N286F is obsolete and replaced by two new and enhanced heavy duty ratchet mounts:

  • N286Fe: Small foot print.
    (Same foot print as the obsolete N286F).

  • N287Fe: Large foot print.
    (Bigger foot print than the obsolete N286F).

The two new heavy duty four-way ratchet mounts are enhanced:

  • SS316
    Manufactured in SS316. (N286F were manufactured in SS304).
    The two new mounts, N286Fe and N287Fe, are therefore more corrosion resistant.
  • Rubber gasket for the mount
    We have enclosed a rubber gasket with the two new mounts to ensure a better installation on the vessel.

Please find the updated product sheet for the two new and enhanced mounts below:

N286Fe (Small footprint) >

N287Fe (Large footprint) >


N286Fe Product Sheet

N287Fe Product Sheet

If you have any questions, requests etc. regarding N286Fe and N287Fe please do not hesitate to contact us