Tunable VHF steel whip antenna.

AC Antennas is introducing a new tunable antenna for marine, land based and mobile solutions.

The antenna is named “CELmar0T” and has the part number 100056-P. The antenna is part of our very popular product family CELmar0 and is a high quality, good performing steel whip antenna.

CELmar0T can be tuned Fc +/- 3MHz in the frequency range of 141-179 MHz. Below you can see the tune plot for the CELmar0T antenna:

CELmar0T Tune Plot

A cutting charge is delivered along with the antenna assisting the user to cut the antenna to the requested frequency area. You find this information in the product sheet for CELmar0T.

Indsæt den forreste side af CELmar0T Product Sheet i miniatureudgave som vi plejer.

You can also find CELmar0T via our product search.

Please welcome our new tunable steel whip VHF-antenna.

If you have any questions regarding please do not hesitate to contact us on acantennas@acantennas.com.