Our popular CX4 models available in black color. Same high excellent quality and performance.

Now our popular CX4 antenna is also available in the color black.

The quality of the antenna and the RF performance are the same our popular white model.

All our CX4 models, except CX4-9 and CX4-12, are available in black.

The price for the black versions is the same as for the equivalent white models.

How do I order the black version? Simply add the letter “b”, i.e. “CX4b” when ordering at acantennas@acantennas.com.

Please welcome our new black CX4 antenna series. 

CX4b Product Sheet

Explore the entire CX4b series here.

If you have any questions regarding our black CX4 antenna series (“CX4b” etc.), or any of our existing products, please do not hesitate to contact us:acantennas@acantennas.com or sales@acantennas.com.