OUR new improved HF/SSB antennas are now available

OUR new improved KUM-antennas – approved for –55 degrees Celsius - are now available. The enhanced KUM antennas are offered at the same price as OUR previous KUM antennas.

The enhanced antennas are released according to the following plan:

KUM600Available today
KUM480Ultimo February
KUM803Medio March
All others KUM modelsDuring Q2 and Q3 2015

Before the improvements  OUR KUM-antennas were among the strongest HF/SSB antennas on the market. With the new enhancements we probably have the strongest HF/SSB antennas in the world.

The new improvements are:

  1. Stronger glass fiber.
  2. More than 4 times stronger build-up inside the antennas.
  3. Stronger paint on the glass fiber.
  4. Stronger Chrome Brass assemblies.
  5. … and a lot more…

If you want to read more about the product improvements on our KUM-antennas please visit www.acantennas.com