Our bank details have NOT changed

It has come to our attention that somebody has contacted one of our customers claiming that our bank details have changed.

Our bank details have NOT changed. All our bank details remain the same without any alterations.

Only our company name has changed from AC Marine to AC Antennas.

The fraud mail is sent from “acantenas.com” with only one “n”, using a bad copy of our new logo etc. The mail is false and is fraud.

If you have received a similar mail please notify us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at acantennas@acantennas.com.

Our bank details are still the same:

Danske Bank
Slotsgade 16-18
DK – 3400 Hilleroed


EUR Account: 3543613665. 
IBAN: DK3930003543613665

USD Account: 3543613673. 
IBAN: DK1730003543613673

DKK Account: 3543 3543613649. 
IBAN: DK8330003543613649