OUR antennas are OUR antennas.

Since 1970 AC Antennas has manufactured some of the best antennas for marine, land-based and other solutions in the world, which are distributed through professional partners worldwide.

AC Antennas has all the rights to OUR antennas. OUR antennas are manufactured in OUR own factory, and thanks to our hardworking and competent colleagues the antennas are constantly improved.

We have a worldwide brand registration on OUR company name / logo and our most popular antenna product families: CX4, KUM etc. are also trade mark registered.

Only AC Antennas can manufacture antennas with OUR brand - AC Antennas. Nobody else can name their antennas CX4, KUM etc. These products and brand names are OUR property.

Welcome to OUR antennas - AC Antennas - The world’s ultimate antennas.