New products launched this summer

We expect all these new antennas to be tested and approved for -55 degrees Celsius.


This summer we will launch two new active HF/SSB antennas. Since the antennas are active they do not require an automatic tuner unit such as our existing famous HF/SSB (KUM) antennas. The two new antennas will come in two lengths: 0.4m and 1.2m. The new short active HF/SSB antenna will carry the name KUM041 and the longer version is named KUM121. The KUM121 will have a larger gain than the shorter KUM041.

The antennas are developed by our own R&D Department. 


We will launch a new 4G antenna to meet the requirements from the many new 4G/LTE networks around the world both on land and on sea. We will also launch the antenna in a multiband version covering many bands for global use.

Enhanced VHF/GPS

Our existing VHF/GPS antenna will be launced in a new and stronger version with an enhanced GPS module and with an extended voltage input. The antenna will also have a stronger glass fiber, and a better chromatisation of the base. This version is replacing our famous existing VHF/GPS antenna series.

Demand for new products?

If you have a demand for new products please do not hesitate to contact us on