Introduction of new Part Numbers for all our products

To avoid any misunderstanding when ordering our products, we’ve introduced new part numbers for all our products. The products are unchanged. The product names remain the same, eg. CX4.

We’ve simply just added a new part number. For CX4, the new part number is 100011-T.

You can find all our products by searching the product names or the new part numbers in the Product Search on our website. You can also search by Frequency (eg. 146-162.5MHz, 0-30MHz etc.), Type of antenna (eg. VHF, HF etc.) etc.

The new part numbers are built up according to the below “rules”:

Type of productPart Number
VHF antennas1XXXXX-X
HF antennas2XXXXX-X
UHF antennas3XXXXX-X
Other antennas4XXXXX-X
Source: AC Antennas, Part Number Structure.

Beside the overall rules/groups, we also have several sub-rules. Below are examples of the sub-rules for the new part numbers:

  • 10XXXX-X is an 0 dBd VHF antennas, 13XXXX-X is a 3 dBd VHF antenna etc.
  • 2803XX-X is our KUM803 HF antennas, 2600XX is our KUM600 etc.
  • The “-X” explains the packaging and volume of the product, eg. CX4 = 100011-T comes in a Tube, while CELmar0-1 = 100000-P is delivered in a Plastic bag. The products -V (5), -X(10), -L(50) & -C(100) are the letters from the Roman numerals.

To avoid any misunderstanding please use the new part numbers when ordering.

The new part numbers are added to our Price List 2017 v2.0.

If you have any questions to our new part numbers please forward you mail to: