Improved specifications for all our popular CX4 models

Based on improvements, tests and reviews of the CX4 models, we have enhanced the following product specifications for all CX4 models (all white and black models):

SpecificationsNew/updated dataOld/obsolete data
VHF power rating
Wind rating, max
(m/s / mph)
Temperature range
-55 to +70 /
-67 to +158
-55 to +60 /
-67 to +140
Source: Selected data from AC Antennas’ product sheets.

All other data for the CX4 models remain the same.

If you want to see the new and updated product sheets for all CX4 models, please click on the image on the right:

All our antennas (100%) are tested before leaving the factory. Example: all the CX4 models have “a VSWR <1.5:1, Go/No Go test” before leaving our factory.

Over the years we have developed and optimized processes to maintain and continue increased quality in our production. We simply call it “AC Antennas – Manufacturing Intelligence”. Click here for more information on each individual procedure in our Production.

If you have any questions regarding the quality of our antennas in general or the CX4 models, please do not hesitate to contact us at