Generational handover of AC Marine.

To optimize a generational handover of AC Marine, Joke van Beusekom and Erik Lauridsen has sold the company 100 per cent to Per S. Sørensen and Claus Matthiesen. The generational handover will take place during a three years period, 2010 – 2013.

To assist and prepare the generational handover in 2013 AC Marine has employed Linda Soleil and Tim Ziegler. Linda and Joke will work with the customers while Tim will help Erik with the daily shipments to our customers worldwide.


The generational handover will have no impact for the more than 400 customers worldwide. The new owners will continue the strategy, - delivery of a complete product portfolio of Marine Antennas with excellent quality, high service level, and flexibility.Focus will be on optimizing the internal business systems (IT-infrastructure, ERP, www, Personal, documentations etc) in order to maintain and develop the strong position with our many customers.

If you have questions please contact Claus Matthiesen,