Change in Country of Origin for some accessories.

Post Corona, AC Antennas has evaluated all products for Country of Origin. As a consequence of this evaluation some of our accessories, accessories only, are now changed from “Denmark” to “Non Preferential” Country of Origin. The change is effective per 1st of February 2023 and is printed on our Invoices.

From the Danish Customs Board it is requested that all manufacturing companies in Denmark continuously evaluate all manufactured products, to verify and have “Country of Origin” documentation for each single batch manufactured of each product.

“Country of Origin” has different thresholds depending on: Which country you purchase each individual part from? How much that specific part accounts for in the final product? And finally, depending on which country you sell the final product to? So, it is a very complicated matrix with different rules from country to country on both sides.

AC Antennas has multiple sources for supply for the majority of all our individual +3000 parts for all our +500 different antennas and +500 accessories. Nothing has changed here. The multiple supply source strategy for all parts result in more than 90% of our orders are shipped within 48 hours ARO (After Receiving Order) to our +250 customers worldwide.

We have decided to change Country of Origin from “Denmark” to “Non Preferential” for some of our accessories. Only accessories. The reason is that our multiple supply source per component and the changing thresholds for each individual country simply makes the administrative work to big for accessories. Our suppliers for all the individual parts for our accessories are not changed and the quality is of course the very same.

All our antennas continue to be “Country of Origin” as “Denmark” and all our HS codes are also unchanged for all products.

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