Black rubber cover will be removed from our antennas during 2020.

For decades the black rubber cover was supplied with many of our VHF, UHF, Cellular and multiband antennas delivered in tubes. The black rubber cover was introduced with our antennas in the 1970’es.

AC Antennas is a professional manufacturer of antennas and the black rubber cover is not for professional installations.

For water ingress protection we recommend using Vulcanized tape and Electrician tape, also introduced in our portfolio.

Unfortunately, we have seen a few incidents where the black rubber cover has been installed as the only water ingress protection. The black rubber cover is not fit for ingress protection and this is the reason why it is now removed from all our antennas during 2020. The black rubber cover will be phased out as we manufacture new antenna batches.

Our larger professional partners e.g. Cobham SATCOM, Furuno, Transas etc. also recommend not to use the black rubber cover.

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