In the beginning of 2015 an enhanced HF/SSB antenna series will be introduced, also approved for -55 degrees Celsius.

In January/February of 2015, an improved version of our famous HF/SSB – the KUM product family will be introduced to the market.

The new versions of the HF/SSB-products have been tested and approved for -55 degrees Celsius too.

The improvements consist of a much stronger build-up in terms of a stronger glassfiber construction with a guaranteed strength, even stronger chrome brass base and parts, a much stronger build-up inside the antenna, less wind load due to a more aerodynamic design, pinol screews, improved installation box, etc.

The new HF/SBB will of course still have the same reliable and strong transmission specifications.

The new product family will be officially launched in January/February 2015.

Welcome to the world’s best marine antennas.