Welcome to our world. Welcome to the world of antennas.

The history of AC Antennas

The history of AC Antennas can be traced back to 1970 when the former HMP Antennefabrik A/S entered the maritime market. Since then a strong pedigree of brands has led to technical excellence in product development and manufacturing of high quality products. 

Below you will find a more detailed description of the company's development from the beginning in 1970 up until now.


HMP Antennefabrik A/S was established. The company aimed at manufacturing and distributing high quality antennas.

The very first VHF products (CX4 and CX3 5/8) and the CB (27MHz) were produced and introduced to the market during this period.
Today these products are still a part of our product range, however, several changes and improvements have been added to the original products as we have become more experienced and extended our knowledge within the field. 

HMP logoThe products were sold under
the HMP brand.


Phelps Dodge acquires HMP Antennefabrik A/S
and more focus is put into developing the product portfolio and marketing the products worldwide.

Phelps Dodge logoThe products were sold under
the Phelps Dodge brand.


Celwave acquires the marine antenna division from Phelps Dodge and more knowhow from the industry is added to the product portfolio.

Celwave logoThe products were sold under
the Celwave brand.


RFS acquires the marine antenna division from
Celwave and starts focusing more on the marine segment worldwide.

RFS logo

The products were sold under
the RFS brand.


RFS sells the marine antenna division to Joke v.
Beusekom and the AC Marine brand is introduced
for the very first time.

AC Marine logoThe products are sold under
the AC Marine brand.


To optimize the company, a generational handover of AC Marine takes place, and Per S. Sørensen and Claus Matthiesen acquires the company.

The handover will have no consequences for our many trading partners worldwide.
AC Marine continues to follow the original strategy; to deliver a complete product portfolio of marine antennas in high quality, excellent level of service, and flexibility.

AC Marine logo

The products are sold under
the AC Marine brand.


Why AC Antennas? 

The name AC Marine is changed to AC Antennas. Thanks to our loyal customers and partners for always letting us know whenever there is a potential for improving our products or using them on other segments, our antennas are now used not only on the maritime market, but also for land-based and other solutions.

AC Marine logo

This has given rise to our new name, AC Antennas.

Welcome to our world - welcome to a world of antennas.